All The King’s Men Trailer

All The King’s Men, starring Sean Penn, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and Anthony Hopkins, opens this weekend.

It has a 15% approval rating on, compared to the 83% approval rating for the 1949 version, starring Broderick Crawford.

Also, Jackass: Number Two has a higher rating.

Go see it if you must. You have been warned.

Opening This Weekend: Everyone’s Hero

Everyone’s Hero, is an animated feature and it is the last film project from Christopher and Dana Reeve. Brian Dennhey, Whoopi Goldberg, William H. Macy, Joe Torre, Raven Symone, Dana Reeve, and Rob Reiner voiced characters in the movie. It opens nationwide this weekend.

Everyone’s Hero : final project from Reeve
Both Christopher and Dana died during the making of their last film
Associated Press

LOS ANGELES – There is an irony to a movie about a little boy who never gives up being made by a couple who themselves worked together to overcome the odds.

The opening this week of the animated baseball film Everyone’s Hero marks the final project — and message — from Christopher and Dana Reeve, who both died during the making of the movie.

The film’s message mirrors the final years of their lives, say those who worked with the couple. Reeve, paralyzed in a horseback riding accident, and his wife worked tirelessly to find a cure for spinal-cord injuries, always believing the actor would walk again.

It has a great message, which is really the philosophy that Chris and Dana Reeve had: Never give up,” said actor and director Rob Reiner, whose role on this film was to voice a talking baseball. “We are getting the chance to realize Chris Reeve’s last vision and dream, which is to get this message out.”

The movie tells the story of Yankee Irving, a boy who grows up during the Depression idolizing Babe Ruth despite always striking out himself. The boy is ready to quit baseball when he finds himself in possession of the legendary player’s bat, and must hit the open road by himself and against all odds return the bat in time for the Babe to use it in the last game of the 1932 World Series. Along the way, Yankee learns that “no matter where life takes you, always keep swinging.”

The fact you know it’s Chris Reeve’s last project, it resonates with the film,” Reiner said.

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Everyone’s Hero seems like a cute, kiddie movie with a lot of heart.

Hopefully it will live up to the legacy of Christopher and Dana Reeve (which I think it will).

Here’s a review from the AP and the trailer is below.

Opening This Weekend: Snakes on a Pane

Woohoo! Snakes on a Plane is finally here! Get this: it’s supposed to be good with 78% fresh reviews on (there’s only 18 reviews because most critics weren’t allowed to preview the film). Hopefully, the cult film status of Snakes on a Plane will amount to good box-0ffice results (for the sake of the studios and critics alike).

So if you’re in the mood for a highly entertaining, action-packed movie starring Samuel L. Jackson, this is your best bet.

And for more info on why studios continually refuse to screen movies for the critics, read this.