A Thanksgiving Marathon – TCM Style

If you have nothing to do tomorrow, or just need to escape your family, or just want to enojoy some good movies, then Turner Classic Movies is the place for you on Thanksgiving Day.

Beginning tomorrow (November 23) at 6:00 am is a Thanksgiving “Day” Marathon courtesy of TCM.

In other words, it is an all-day Doris Day Marathon!

Here’s the schedule:

Romance on the High Seas (1948) – 6:00 am

It Happened to Jane (1959) – 8:00 am

Please Don’t Eat the Daisies (1960) – 10:00 am

The Glass Bottom Boat (1966) – 12:00 pm

That Touch of Mink (1962) – 2:00 pm

Lover Come Back (1961) – 4:00 pm

The Thrill of It All (1963) – 6:00 pm

Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy a little bit of Doris Day!

September On TCM

I’m leaving for college tomorrow and it just hit me how much I’m going to miss Turner Classic Movies (I know, it sounds dorky). Maybe it’s because after months of a few boring film festivals/tributes, something I’m actually interested in seeing is going to be aired. Or maybe it’s because of my mother’s refusal to tape any (and I mean any) movies for me. Or maybe it’s because TCM is a comfort of home that I’ve gotten used to having in my life. Whatever reason it is, I’m going to miss TCM… a lot.

Here’s some highlights of TCM’s September schedule that I am going to miss:

Airing on Tuesdays, TCM will pay tribute to Janus Films, one of the first distribution companies bring classic international films to American audiences. Launched in 1956, Janus Films was key in introducing European mastermind such as Ingmar Bergman and Frederico Fellini to the mainstream.

Today, Janus Films works closely with The Criterion Collection on the distribution of films on DVD.

Featured movies include: The Seventh Seal, The Wild Strawberries, La Strada, Grand Illusion, Rashomon and Viridiana.

Complete programming schedule

And this is a special note to anyone in my family who might be reading: I want THIS!

STAR OF THE MONTH: William Holden

Wednesday nights will pay tribute to screen icon William Holden with a 17-film tribute.

From TCM.com: “He started out as Hollywood’s golden boy, one of the handsomest actors ever to appear on film. After years of lighthearted roles, he burst into solid dramatic work with Sunset Boulevard (1950), then gracefully moved into character roles as craggy men of character. By the time William Holden died in 1981, he had grown into Pete Martin’s description of him, “When you look at him, the map of the U.S. is right there on his face.” […]

Featured films include: The Bridge on the River Kwai, Sabrina, Golden Boy, Network, Picnic, Born Yesterday (my personal favorite) and, of course, Sunset Boulevard.

Entire William Holden profile and programming schedule HERE

On September 9, TCM salutes Oscar nominee (for Sons and Lovers in 1966) and British acting great, Trevor Howard.

Starting at 8:00 pm est, five of his films will be featured. They are: Brief Encounter, Father Goose, Operation Crossbow, Run For The Sun, and So Well Remembered.

From TCM.com: “Trevor Howard was one of the greatest actors ever to appear on the screen and the reason for his success lay in the simple fact that he was always believable, even when the films themselves weren’t. He could transcend less than stellar material and always seemed to inhabit the character he played, no matter how long he was on-screen. And he was so good that he could steal scenes from the biggest stars. Unlike leading men whose careers always have the inevitable expiration date, Howard’s went on for more than forty years.”

Complete Trevor Howard profile and programming schedule HERE


Also, one more shameless pitch for Brief Encounter. If you have never seen this picture. Take the time out of your busy schedule, settle down in front of your television on September 9 and be swept by the magic of Brief Encounter. It is my pick of the month.

Happy TCMing!

Having a Good Day…

Today is Katharine Hepburn day on Turner Classic Movies Annual Summer Under the Stars event. (Did you seriously believe I could go that long without mentioning Katharine Hepburn?)

Here is today’s tentative schedule: Stage Door followed by Bringing Up Baby followed by Woman of the Year followed by Adam’s Rib followed by The African Queen. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Tomorrow (8.12) , Rock Hudson is the featured star, then it’s Walter Matthau on 8.13 and Lana Turner on 8.14, and… You now what, here is the Summer Under the Stars programming guide or you can visit tcm.com for more info.

Premiering Tonight: Edge of Outside

Airing tonight at 8pm EST is Turner Classic Movies latest original documentary feature, Edge of Outside.

Edge of Outside focuses on independent films and the filmmakers who strived to make their movies their way. With interviews from Spike Lee, Peter Bogdonavich, Martin Scorcese, Ed Burns, John Sayles, Arthur Penn and many more, TCM presents an informative and fascinating look at indy films.

Edge of Outside specifically looks at the works and impact of Orson Welles, Stanley Kubrick, John Cassavetes, Samuel Fuller, Sam Peckingpah, and Nicholas Ray. While these directors had their own unique filmmaking techniques, they had one defining element in common; making films their own way, without the impute of a Hollywood executive.

After watching Edge of Outside, it is impossible for you not to gain an appreciation for independent filmmakers, who are notorious for doing anything to get their vision made. I was recently told a story about two men who operate a chain of pizzerias in New York City because their other career is working as independent filmmakers. The pizza business just pays the bills.

TCM always presents exceptional original programming and Edge of Outside is just another example of why TCM is a premiere source for movie information.

Edge of Outside kicks of Turner Classic Movies month-long series dedicated to indy films. Each Wednesday in July, TCM will present a variety of films from different filmmakers.

For more information on this series and Edge of Outside, visit this website.