Viral Video Monday: Memory Lane With Mister Rogers

Five videos that I’m currently obsessed with for your Monday:

1. 7 Minutes In Heaven – Ty Burrell – I love this interview series. Funniest thing you will watch.

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So you wanna be a bro? Watch The Brocial Network

With the Oscar season comes parodies. Already we have seen kids reenacting scenes from the Oscar nominees and Lego interpretations of the Best Picture nods.

But this parody of The Social Network, aptly named The Brocial Network, is my favorite. It teaches us some valuable life lessons, particuarly that “You don’t become a totally awesome bro without making several enemies.”

I Am Harry Potter!

Daniel Radcliffe has realized something now that the Harry Potter films are coming to a close. He is not an actor playing Harry Potter; he IS Harry Potter playing Daniel Radcliffe.

Judd Apatow has directed this hilarious short “interview” with Radcliffe about his experiences playing the boy wizard for over a decade.

What else has Dan, er, Harry do now that he’s defeated everybody? Kind of chills out a lot and talks to women and tells them he’s Harry. He also has plans to take up quidditch professionally. (But will it be muggle quidditch?)

The video is embedded below. You’ll never think of broom burn in the same way again.

Happy Monday!

Once there was a mermaid named Ariel and she was one of the most beloved creatures under the sea. She had a cool family, some great little friends, and could carry a tune. Have you ever wondered what kind of advice she would give to young girls? Well here is your chance. Enjoy the laugh and the start of your week.

Herzog Reads Waldo

What an excellent surprise I found this morning when my friend posted this video on my Facebook wall. It is a fantastic parody. Enjoy it.

My favorite part: “A litany of dreary picture postcards sent from arbitrary locations the world over. His postcards do nothing to convey the humanity, the madness of Waldo’s adventures.”

That line perfectly sums up exactly what is a postcard and this video perfectly characterizes Herzog.