10 Years Of Movies

Every January, I go through the movie ticket stubs I acquired during the previous year and paste them into a small scrapbook. As I was going through my collection this weekend (while also ignoring the obvious signs of hoarding, of course), I noticed something. The oldest ticket stub is for Shattered Glass. I saw it in November 2003.

For exactly ten years I have been saving my ticket stubs. There are 220 ticket stubs in total. That’s seven Harry Potters, five Woody Allen movies, four Lord of the Rings, two Sex and the Citys, two Hunger Games and plenty more. Here is small a sampling of my stub collection.

1. 2003 to 2004

Shattered Glass; Lord of the Ring: Return of the King; Mystic River, Big Fish; Miracle; Jersey Girl; Mean Girls; Troy

This is the very first page from the scrapbook. I was 15 when I saw these movies. I can’t believe I saw Troy in theaters and I still can’t believe Mean Girls came out 10 years ago. Continue reading “10 Years Of Movies”

A Last Minute Post About My Favorite 2012 Films (Because I Did See Movies This Year)

Behold! Every movie I saw in theaters this year. Even though I neglected to write anything about most of them.

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A Best of 2011 List You Shouldn’t Take Too Seriously

I have been commissioned to write some sort of “Best of 2011” list. The problem is I don’t believe in “Best of” lists. Instead, this is just a list of 15 movies from 2011 I liked, in alphabetical order. (Disclaimer: You can blame Ally (and some other Tweeps) if you don’t enjoy this list.)

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Poll: The Best Movie Of 2011 (So Far)

My ticket stubs since February

Since I’ve seen 18 movies in nine theaters in four different states (including Kentucky). It’s probably not as intense as some other people out there but I’m satisfied with the movies I’ve see this year thus far.

But what I want to know is…

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Fond Farewells of 2010

Jill Clayburgh. Dennis Hopper. Arthur Penn. Jean Simmons. Lynn Redgrave. Eddie Fisher. Eric Rohmer. Lena Horne. Tony Curtis. Peter Graves. Barbara Billingsley. Leslie Nielson. Sally Menke. Patricia Neal.

These are just some of the actors and filmmakers who passed away this year.

Embedded below are two lovely videos, from Turner Classic Movies and Time, that feature clips and quotes from many of the stars and public figures who left a lasting impact on culture.


Vodpod videos no longer available.