30 Day Film Challenge: Day 26

Your Favorite Foreign Language Film

Pedro Almodóvar is one of my favorite directors. I have seen every one of his films and choosing a favorite is nearly impossible. I tend to gravitate towards his films that are not melodramatic works about female solidarity (as much as I love Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, High Heels and Volver). For that reason, Matador stands out the most to me. On one level it is a completely twisted movie, on another it is an exploration of freedom and desire. I just love this movie.

30 Day Film Challenge: Day 24

Your Favorite Animated/Children’s Film

I genuinely despise most of those Disney princess films that every female my age seems to love. I can usually ignore the false expectations these movies establish for young girls. But my true dislike of Disney movies began when I was in college and girlswould belt out “Part of Your World” or any other song from the Disney catalogue without warning. It was torture.

That being said, I’m going with WALL-E, because he is the cutest damn robot you ever did see.

And because Brave doesn’t come out until next June.

30 Day Film Challenge: Day 21

Your Favorite Fantasy Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film

I mentioned earlier today that I am watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy extended edition that it is currently being shown in the theaters. What I have immediately noticed about the films is that 10 years later the special effects hold up wonderfully. During the Battle of Helms Deep I was grinning from ear to ear, realizing what I had missed out on in 2002. The Lord of the Rings is an exceptionally well-done trilogy that I hope never gets old.