Happy 90210 Day!

Today, September 2, 2010,  is a glorious day in pop culture history. We get to celebrate one of the greatest high school soap operas, Beverly Hills 90210, and its current inception, 90210.

Where would we be without this show that lasted for 10 seasons? Certainly no, The O.C., Degrassi or Skins, the notable teen dramas of the aughts.

There would be no Brenda-Dylan-Kelly love triangle, no Donna Martin, no Brandon fist pump.

While I am not crazy about 90210, I do watch it religiously. (Because Shenae Grimes was Darcy Edwards on Degrassi, and I just can’t give up on Darcy Edwards!) I hope the third season goes above and beyond seasons one and two (and believe me, it isn’t hard.) And yes, it is a huge marketing error to not premiere the current season tonight. This day only comes along once in lifetime!

How have you been celebrating your 90210 day? Have you been enjoying the waning days of August? Did you host a crazy Beverly Hills 90210 themed party, where you dress like David Silver and reenact exceptional scenes like this one:

Happy 90210 day! Enjoy it!