And the Nominees Should Be…

The New York Times film critics, A.O. Scott, Manohla Dargis, and Stephen Holden, have made their selection for possible Academy Award nominations in a special section of today’s issue.

Interestingly enough, they choose unexpected and non-mainstream films/performances and the three critics rarely agree with each other. In fact, they only agree three times: Best Picture – Letters From Iwo Jima, Best Director – Clint Eastwood, and Best Actress – Helen Mirren (The Queen). This says, that either there aren’t many strong acting performances this year or the NY Times critics are hard to impress.

To see their picks for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supoorting Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Original Section, visit this site, then look under the multimedia sidebar, which is located on the right side, and select And the Nominees Should Be.

The Oscar Season Rundown

Everything leads to the Oscars.

This is yet another award season post. I found the award season schedule on Hollywood Elsewhere and it has been very helpful to me. Now I can plan my social activities for the next three months.


12/10 – Los Angeles Film Critics announce their picks

12/12 The National Board of Review 

12/12 –  New York Film Critics Circle announce their picks.

12/13 – Golden Globe nominations are announced.

The other critics groups – Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, San Diego, Seattle – will start to weigh in next week also, or very soon after.

1/4/06 – Writers Guild of America and Producers Guild nominations

1/5/06 – Screen Actors Guild and Directors Guild nominations

1/9/06 – Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards

1/16/06 – Golden Globe Awards

1/28/06 – Directors Guild Awards

1/29/06 – Screen Actors Guild awards

1/31/06 – Academy Award nominations are announced

2/4/06 – Writers Guild Awards

2/19/06 – BAFTA Awards

3/4/06 – Independent Spirit Awards


And campaigning and strategizing for the 2007 Academy Awards begins around early to mid-July 2006.


That’s the schedule. I’ll be commenting on all (if not most) of this years awards hoopla as the nominations/winners are announced.