Thanks To American Idol, I Publicly Embarassed Myself…. Again

It’s bad enough that whenever I admit that I sort of like Paris Hilton, I get dirty looks from my classmates. You know, that we-go-to-an-elite-womens-college-so-how-dare-you-even-so-much-as-care-about-that-worthless-excuse-for-a-woman look.

Today, I managed to top that blunder.

My politics professor asked if anyone watched American Idol. And guess who was the only person who raised her hand? ME!

And then everyone (all forty people) turned and stared at me.

Except this time it was more of a we-go-to-an-elite-womens-college-so-how-dare-lower-yourself-to-the-level-of-a-UMass-student-and-fill-your-mind-with-pointless-garbage look.

Some people take things too seriously.

And now I’m going to watch The Real World, because that is another example of just how fantastic American media and culture can be.