Birthday Blitz: Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (dir. Werner Herzog, 2009)

Day 12, Movie 12 – Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans – His Soul Is Still Dancing

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Birthday Blitz: The Updated Rundown

As some of you may know, my town in New Jersey got crapped on (for lack of a better word) by Hurricane Irene. The lack of power/internet combined with the post-apocalyptic state of my house temporarily put a halt to the blogging marathon I had started on August 22. And somewhere in the midst of the hurricane, my Netflix and Blockbuster rentals went missing. (Unless those DVDs come equipped with flotation devices and waterproof sonar, I’m never finding them.)

I am back in business now. But I have had to rearrange the blogging schedule and it will be a bit more fluid from here on out. Remarkably the end date of the marathon is only being pushed back five days.

Thanks for putting up with this mess and for reading the posts, if you have been!

September 3:  Paris, Texas

September 4 – Yanks

September 5 – The Cuckoo

September 6 – The Dreamers

September 7 – Bad Lieutenant: Port Call of New Orleans

September 8 – The Devil’s Backbone

September 9 – The Commitments

September  10 – Gettysburg

September 11 – Magnolia

September 12– The Fisher King

September 13– Ninja Assassin

September 14 – A Face in the Crowd

September 15 – Legend

September 16 – The Lookout

September 17 – The King of Comedy

September 18 – Ichi the Killer

September 19 – Barton Fink