Birthday Blitz Marathon: The Rundown

Tomorrow I will begin blogging about these 24 movies. After receiving a ton of suggestions about what to watch, I settled on these movies over a month ago and have been steadily watching them since. (This really means that I started watching them all in the last two weeks.)

I wasted hours making this graphic. Admire it, dammit.

I don’t really have much of a plan of how I am going to go about writing about these movies. Other than I will post about one per day until my birthday on September 14.

Here is the rundown of when I will be posting on the movies and the related links.

Update: The rundown now reflects the changed schedule.

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Film Diet: July 2011

Here is a rundown of what I watched this past month. J. Lo makes an appearance, so you know it’s a good list.

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Birthday Blitz Blogathon: The Movies Are

Last week, I asked for suggestions for 24 movies I had not yet seen but should really watch. The plan is for me to watch these movies and write about them in the 24 days leading up to my birthday. I received a ton of suggestions. Here are the movies.

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What To Watch? Your Suggestions Wanted

Now that I am done with the 30 Day Film Challenge – and thank goodness because I was terribly bored with it by day 25 – I want to do something different.

Back in the day, I used to be incredibly diligent when it came to watching movies. I would watch something like 15 movies a weekend in high school. (Proof that TCM keeps kids from doing dumb stuff.) I had a ridiculously fast Netflix turn around; I would rent and watch as many as five movies any given week. I had movie watching down to a science. Since then, my over eager teenage self who wanted to watch every movie ever made has died. Now I’ve just gotten lazy in my post-college days. I’ve had one Netflix rental out since April. Since I seem to be endlessly bored and incapable of watching any new-to-me movies unless they are in theaters, I need to challenge myself.

So here’s my idea.

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