Five Things About The Town

You only need to care about one of these characters

I watched The Town last night. It was the first time I watched this Ben Affleck-directed crime film since I saw it in theaters last October and my thoughts are essentially the same. Here is an excerpt of what I wrote at the time:

What The Town demonstrates is Affleck’s exceptional ability as a director to tackle large-scale productions such as this. Affleck could not have executed the brilliantly crafted chase sequence set in Boston’s congested North End more perfectly.  But one good chase sequence that has you jumping in your seat explosion after explosion cannot and does make a movie.

I don’t know or how but I also apparently enjoyed Blake Lively’s performance back then. Go figure. (To be fair, my hatred against Lively has only grown in the last year.)

So I was less enthralled by The Town this time around. Here are five things I realized about The Town thanks to a second viewing. Continue reading “Five Things About The Town

What I Learned From Green Lantern

15 inane thoughts went through my head as I watched Green Lantern.

In an attempt to act our age and go out on a Friday night, my friend Nicole and I went to a screening of Green Lantern. Seeing movies the day they open is not something we normally do and we were a little taken aback by the number of people (guys) there.

Nicole: When did this movie open?
Me: Today.
Nicole: That explains it.

But we made the most of it and I tried my best not to make fun of Serena Van Der Woodsen. Here is what happened as we watched Green Lantern. Continue reading “What I Learned From Green Lantern