Review: J. Edgar (2011)

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Review: Hereafter (2010)

There is a sense of familiarity that sets in at the beginning of any Clint Eastwood film. In Hereafter it is triggered by the simple guitar rift, composed by Eastwood, that is heard as the film’s title flashes on the screen. This sense of familiarity fades away, however, as the film ventures into something very un-Eastwood like. Hereafter is arguably the director’s most ambitious film, in terms of scale, scope, and concept, in recent years.
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Clint Eastwood Receives Honorary Palme d’or

Clint Eastwood received an honorary Palm d’Or yesterday in a private caremony in Paris. Eastwood first attended Cannes in 1985 when Pale Rider played in competition. He also presented Bird, White Hunter Black Heart, Mystic River and Changeling.Upon receiving the award, Eastwood said:

“When I made my first film 39 years ago, no one in the U.S. — except for Roger Ebert who was always very enthusiastic — believed in me as a filmmaker. But French cineastes have always been very supportive. France remains one of the rare countries that approaches cinema as an art form.”

Eastwood accepted the award yesterday beecause he cannot attend the festival in May. Sad. Clint must have heard that I will be attending. It makes sense though. If I were him, I wouldn’t want to encounter me either.

Dirty Harry: The Greatest Movie Badass

‘Dirty’ Harry Callahan was named the Greatest Movie Badass by a poll conducted MTV News.

Here is a video of Clint Eastwood accepting the award.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

He did an awesome job of channeling Dirty Harry in his acceptance speech. So is there any chance of Eastwood reprising his famed role in just one more Dirty Harry movie?

Eastwood said: “I feel like that was an era of my life, and I’ve gone on to other things. I’m not sure about being Dirty Harry again — but who knows?”

As we know, anything is possible…