Snap Judgments: 2013 Academy Award Nominations

Live Blogging the Oscars Red Carpet!

For some reason, this year I thought I could change my ways. I tried so hard not to care about Awards Season and to snark on them along the way. (Did you see my Golden Globes commentary? It was so hilarious, no one got the joke.) But it’s a lie. I’m still obsessed with the Oscars and I watched Seth MacFarlane and Emma Stone announced the nominations this morning. The Oscars will always be one of my favorite things. Here are some of my quick thoughts on some of the nominations: Continue reading “Snap Judgments: 2013 Academy Award Nominations”

Films Watched: December 2012

After not watching many movies in September, October and November, I made up for lost time during the final stretch of the year. Here is what I watched and my thoughts on some of them. Continue reading “Films Watched: December 2012”

A Last Minute Post About My Favorite 2012 Films (Because I Did See Movies This Year)

Behold! Every movie I saw in theaters this year. Even though I neglected to write anything about most of them.

Continue reading “A Last Minute Post About My Favorite 2012 Films (Because I Did See Movies This Year)”

Poster Fix: Django Unchained

The first poster for Quentin Tarantino’s next film, Django Unchained, was revealed yesterday. [via Yahoo!]

Evidently the Weinstein Company’s graphics guy frequents the Minimal Movie Posters tumblr.

This poster also gives us a decent lesson in how to market auteurism. The film’s title and actors are absent from the poster; we’re just expected to know this information. This isn’t “A New Film by Quentin Tarantino”. It is “The New Film By Quentin Tarantino”.

Does the minimalist approach make you more or less excited for this movie? Does the poster even matter because it’s a Quentin Tarantino movie and you will see Django Unchained no matter what?

Sound off below.