Review: The Holiday (2006)

Lets be honest. Right now, everyone needs a break from whatever they have going on in their life right now. If that means you, then The Holiday is a great escape from the holiday madness.
In the style of Love Actually, The Holiday, directed by Nancy Meyers, is a romantic comedy set during the Holiday season.
Amanda, played by Cameron Diaz, is the owner of a Los Angeles company that produces movie trailers. She learns that her long-time boyfriend (Edward Norton) is two-timing her and after two swift punches to the face, she kicks him out. Meanwhile, in England, Iris (Kate Winslet), a journalist, has been struggling for three years to get over her ex (Rufus Sewell) when he announces his engagement at the company holiday party.
The women, heartbroken and alone, have a chance meeting through the internet and agree to swap homes for two weeks. Amanda heads to Iris’s cottage in Surrey while Iris jets off to L.A. and Amanda’s mansion. Enter Graham (Jude Law) and Miles (Jack Black) as Amanda’s and Iris’s respective romantic interests. And a love story blooms.
Is The Holiday‘s plot predictable, cheesy, and filled with cliches? Absolutely. Did that stop me from enjoying it? Not at all. Sure it’s no Love Actually, but who (except the real film critics of America) cares.
I had a really good time seeing this movie because it’s delightful and entertaining. One lovely subplot was involving a legendary screenwriter, played by Eli Wallach, who Iris befriends, allowing for endless classic movie references.
The Holiday, without a doubt, is the perfect movie to indulge yourself with this holiday season.
Updated October 12, 2010