In Search of Sense and Sensibility

Last night I had the sudden urge to watch a Jane Austen adaptation, preferably Sense and Sensibility. However my efforts to find a copy of Sense and Sensibility at midnight proved to be difficult.  I could have settled for the 1981 BBC version which was on Netflix Instant but what I wanted to watch was Ang Lee’s 1995 adaptation.

I also could have watched the movie split into 14 parts on YouTube, but considering what I recently posted about YouTube this did not seem like the greatest idea. Eventually, I just watched Notting Hill, a movie that I was convinced I had never seen in its entirety. As it turns out, I have seen Notting Hill; just not all at once.

Although Notting Hill stars Hugh Grant, this did not quench my desire to watch Sense and Sensibility. Fortunately, in my quest to see Sense and Sensibility, I stumbled upon this blog post with this video:

It’s not quite Sense and Sensibility, but Emma Thompson’s acceptance speech made my night.