My Emmy Predictions

I don’t know why I am even attempting to predict the victors at tonight’s Emmy Awards. Between the lack of preliminary award shows (a la the Oscars) and the Emmys frequent ignoring of what is popular or logical in favor of sentimentality, this is one award show that is nearly impossible to predict. Regardless of this, here are my predictions or just what shows and who I want to win.

Best Drama: The Good Wife

Lost is heavily favored to win after a stellar sixth and final season but I believe that the Emmy voters will name this new legal drama as the Best Drama. But if Julianna Margulies wins Best Actress (and she will) then expect a different show to win.

Best Comedy: Modern Family

Yes Glee won the SAG and the Golden Globe but that was before the entire first season had aired. Months later, Glee clearly had only a few great episodes (namely “The Power of Madonna“) and lacked consistency. Whereas Modern Family never missed a beat, between the writing, acting and direction of the show. And if Modern Family wins, it will take away the pain from Ed O’Neill’s lack of a nomination. I also refuse to accept that Nurse Jackie is a comedy.

Lead actor, Drama – Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights

More than anything I want Chandler to finally win the recognition he deserves. I’m predicting Chandler to win, even though my gut is telling me that Matthew Fox and Bryan Cranston may be the real winners.

Lead actress, Drama – Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife

One of the first things I did this summer was watch every episode of The Good Wife. After doing so, I am more than convinced that Julianna Margulies deserves this Emmy. As much as I want Connie Briton to win for Friday Night Lights.

Lead actress, Comedy – Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie

Although I don’t consider Nurse Jackie a comedy (a frustration which stems more from the second season than the first), I expect Edie Falco to win. Just because she is not playing Carmela Soprano. But maybe voters will be wowed by Lea Michele’s powerful and emotional rendition of “Don’t Rain on my Parade” and pick her.

Lead Actor, Comedy – Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

Sometime I feel as though The Big Bang Theory should be renamed Sheldon Cooper and those other nerds. The Big Bang Theory is defined by Sheldon Cooper and without Jim Parsons portrayal of this character, the show would be nothing of interest.

Supporting Actor, Drama – Michael Emerson, Lost

Sentimentality will play a huge role in this category which is why I imagine that Lost‘s Michael Emerson will win the Emmy. But for this category, I know very little of the performances. I haven’t even seen Men of a Certain Age. (Project!)

Supporting Actress, Drama – Christina Hendricks, Mad Men

It is hard to believe that the acting on Mad Men has never been recognized by the Emmys. If any actor deserves that statuette, it would be Christina Hendricks. Joan Harris’ story arc during season 3 is heartbreaking and powerful. The episode Hendricks submitted, “Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency” (aka the John Deere episode), is beyond fantastic.

Supporting Actor, Comedy – Ty Burrell, Modern Family

Modern Family‘s one acting win will be in this category. But do not forget about the power of Kurt Hummel. Because three Modern Family cast members are nominated, they could split the Emmy votes and Chris Colfer could pull a surprise victory.

Supporting Actress, Comedy – Jane Lynch, Glee

If there is one thing that is guaranteed at this year’s Emmys it is Jane Lynch winning for Supporting Actress.

The 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

11:12 pm: All in all, it was good night. Ryan Seacrest will not be suffocated with a plastic bag, he did not irk me nearly as much as he normally does. And I should finish my Italian homework. I’m suddenly very in the mood to scrivo italiano ;)

11:09 pm: The Sopranos wins and rightfully so. Plus, all my relatives can go to bed happy.

11:04 pm: You know, I can probably count how many of these tv shows I actually watch on one hand. Depressing isn’t it?

11:03 pm: 30 Rock wins! Yet another show I do not watch. Sorry Tina Fey.

1o:57 pm: This is what it comes down to: the acting competition was so phenomenal this year that the ballots were split, meaning Katherine Heigl or James Spader could pull out a surprise victory.

10:55 pm: Okay, Hugh Laurie or James Gandolfini: And drum roll please: WHY DOES JAMES SPADER KEEP WINNING EMMYS!” Eh at least he’s funny. What

10:54 pm: This is messing with my ocd: WHY IS EVERYONE WEARING RED!”

10:53 pm: I also heart America Ferrera and Ugly Betty. I really wish I could be Betty Suarez.

10:41 pm: Sally Field, you are amazing.

10:39 pm: “Ricky Gervais is not here, to we would like to give this award to our friend Steve Carell”. All I have to say to that is Stewart Colbert ’08.

10:29 pm: Rainn Wilson and Kanye West battle. AMAZING! Speaking of amazing, The Amazing Race just won. Don’t they win like every year?

10:24 pm: Just between you and me, Ryan Seacrest is starting to grow on me.

10:14 pm: I hope that when I’m old, I can be exactly like Elaine Stritch,

10:10 pm: My roommate got so mad that Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart didn’t win and Tony Bennett did, that she gave herself a paper cut. That’s what you get for hating Tony Bennett, it always comes back to bite you in the ass.

10: 07 pm: He is totally running for President.

10: 05 pm: Al Gore is getting an Emmy! WHAT!! Al Gore gets an Oscar, Al Gore gets an Emmy, and Al Gore gets a standing ovation. Is there anything this man can’t do?

9: 59 pm: I still can’t believe Katherine Heigl won.

9: 55 pm: Oh Lewis Black. The Emmys on FOX are fun.

9:50 pm: Love Helen Mirren! Her dress, not so much. But who cares, Helen Mirren rocks.

9: 49 pm: My roommate and I just had a joint sigh. She sighed for Patrick Dempsey, I sighed for Sally Field. You can tell where our priorities lie.

9: 39 pm: JERSEY BOYS! I heart my New Jersey :) But really, that was unnecessary. Any Sopranos tribute is probably without a musical interlude. Also, were they lip-syncing or was I just imagining that?

9: 36 pm: Nice feminism plug, Glenn Close, I approve.

9:27 pm: You know, I think I would marry Tony Bennett if the opportunity ever presented itself.

9:23 pm: Yay! The Daily Show

9:08 pm: The cast of Roots presenting the Emmy to Broken Trail. How’s that for irony?

8:56 pm: Robert Duvall! Finally, someone I actually wanted to win, won.

You’re right Robert Duvall, Westerns are amazing.

I hate it when they started to play the wrap of music: He should have said, “Hey I’m Robert Duvall, I kick ass.”

8:51 pm: Ah, the circular stage makes sense now.

The singing is great; the actual performance is awful. Sorry Tony Bennett, you and Christina do not mesh well together.

8:41 pm: The “Original Writing in a Variety Show” award. Always the best part of the night.

“Thanks to OJ Simpson we’ll have a show tomorrow”

8:38 pm: Katherine Heigl! WTF!! I have to go eat a tub of butter now.

My roommate: “What? She was so whiny! I wanted to slap her!”

8:34 pm: MONTAGE!! I love montages, especially when they feature Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and David Letterman.

8:27 pm: Thomas Haden Church wins for Broken Trail.

8:26 pm: Oh, Katherine Heigl. Hate her acting, but other than that she’s cool.

8:24 pm: Jamie Pressly (sp.) wins. Eh.

8:22 pm: The Paula Abdul drug addict jokes never get old.

8:14 pm: Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Terry O’Quinn, Lost. Hmm. I was expecting Masi Oka to win.

8:12 pm: First award of the night: Jeremy Piven, Entourage. Shocker.

8:10 pm: Is Ray Ramono now hosting the Emmys or something?

8: 04 pm: The one thing that bothers more than Seacrest is American Idol references. I hate this formal feeling at award shows. Seacrest did a good job for what its worth.

8:00 pm: I like the circular stage. Brilliant idea! Brian and Stewie from Family Guy opening the show. “I hear Isaiah Washington is taking Kramer’s place!” Amazing.

7:57 pm: Yay! Live-blogging! My mother will be so proud that I passed up writing my Italian essay to watch an award show for tv shows I don’t watch.

Emmys Tonight!

It’s a special event here at For Cinephiles by a Cinefille.

Instead of my daily (cough cough) ramblings about movies, I’ll be live-blogging from my dorm room about the 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

Will The Soprano‘s have one last hoorah? Will America Ferrera win for Ugly Betty? What about Hugh Laurie, Heroes, and Grey’s Anatomy: will they win something? Is Britney Spears going to attempt another comeback performance? Will I want to suffocate Ryan Seacrest with a plastic bag by the end of the telecast?

I don’t actually watch that much televison, so my take on the night could either be disaterous or somewhat humorous.

Stayed tuned.