Spending Thanksgiving with Friends

I can’t remember the last time I sat down and watched Friends. For years this sitcom, between its ten years on the air and when it was broadcast constantly in syndication, largely defined my life. But lately it feels like I have to go on the hunt to watch Friends now that it has been replaced by Two and a Half Men (barf) and How I Met Your Mother in the land of sitcom syndication.

There was one episode theme Friends never missed out on: Thanksgiving. For ten princeless episodes, everything imaginable happened: touch football, severed toes, heads stuck in turkeys, fighting between friends and family, and one time, even Brad Pitt swung by.

These episodes (you can currently watch them on Fancast) are gems and a treat to watch in retrospective now that Friends has been over for almost seven years. Here are my favorite moments from these episodes, which I had the pleasure of revisiting this afternoon.

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