I Am Harry Potter!

Daniel Radcliffe has realized something now that the Harry Potter films are coming to a close. He is not an actor playing Harry Potter; he IS Harry Potter playing Daniel Radcliffe.

Judd Apatow has directed this hilarious short “interview” with Radcliffe about his experiences playing the boy wizard for over a decade.

What else has Dan, er, Harry do now that he’s defeated everybody? Kind of chills out a lot and talks to women and tells them he’s Harry. He also has plans to take up quidditch professionally. (But will it be muggle quidditch?)

The video is embedded below. You’ll never think of broom burn in the same way again.

Paris Hilton Meets Martin Sheen

Paris Hilton is running for president. This time she has sought out the advice of America’s most famous fake president, Josiah Bartlett, er, Martin Sheen. And he “loves it”.

This is also scary because she probably just as qualified to be vice president as Sarah Palin.