Films Watched: March 2013

Here is what I watched in March.

Bringing Up Baby (dir. Howard Hawkes, 1938)

Bringing Up Baby

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My Week in Film: April 24 to April 30

This is a new feature on the blog. (And hopefully one I keep up with.) In an attempt to keep busy, focused, and actual records of what I watch, I’m going to write blurbs about the movies I see every week. I would say that I am doing this  to share with my many (hah) readers the vast number of films I watch but that’s a lie. I really just want to stop watching shows about the Kardashians and serial killers. I’m worried that this combination will have a detrimental impact on my psyche fairly soon.

So, it is on, Soderbergh!

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The Many Versions of Singin’ in the Rain

It’s a classic with so many interpretations.

There’s the original.

Then there is Usher’s version.

As much as I like Usher’s version of “Singin in the Rain”. This rendition is by far my favorite.

Young Edward’s performance is oddly similar to my own renditions of “Singin in the Rain”. Which is either good for this kid because his talent can only improve or bad for me since I only perform “Singin’ in the Rain” when I’m drunk (you know, after drinking intense amounts of Cranberry juice).