The Exhilarating Sound of Silence

“What do you like about being up here?” “The silence.”


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The Six Movies I Will See This Fall

Happy official first day of fall! It’s a great day of the year because it is time for good movies (other than Contagion and Drive) to finally hit the theaters. After a rather lackluster summer, I’m armed and ready to hit my local cineplex as often as I can. These are my picks for the movies I will be seeing this fall.

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Review: The American (2010)

The American, starring George Clooney, is based on Martin Booth’s A Very Private Gentleman. Considering what the connotation the word “American” brings to an espionage thriller, A Very Private Gentleman, or anything else besides “The American” for that matter, would have been a more fitting title.

If you think that I am hung up on the use of the word “American” in this instance, I am. It provides the central character with a distinguishable characteristic (as if being played by Clooney isn’t enough of one) that comes with a set of expectations. In a movie that has little working in its favor, the word “American” dilutes a central aspect of this film – the fact that the main character is supposed to be mysterious and isolated.
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Trailer Fix: Up in the Air

George Clooney stars in Jason Reitman’s latest film Up in the Air as Ryan Bingham who travels around the world firing corporate employees. He lives out of his suitcase and relishes annomity during his travels. When Bingham’s company grounds him at the corporate headquarters in Omaha, this solitary man has to navigate an once unheard of personal life.

The film premiered at TIFF and is already receiving critical praise. It looks like a movie I can enjoy (more so than the very problematic Juno).