It’s National Kissing Day So Here’s A Kiss From Grace Kelly

It’s National Kissing Day. Facebook has decided it, so it much be true. To celebrate, here is a lesson on how you should always want to wake up from a nap if you ever find yourself with a broken leg and becoming a peeping tom.

Step 1: Wake up after noticing a suspicious shadow hovering over you.
Step 2: Realize that the suspicious shadow is not coming from that neighbor you think killed his wife.
Step 3: In fact that hovering shadow is really Grace Kelly. You lucky bastard.
Step 4: Kiss
Step 5: Accept that you are a lucky bastard. Gloat. (Now about that guy who killed his wife.)

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Dressed to Impress

Entertainment Weekly has a new photo gallery of the best and most memorable dresses seen in the movies. The gallery includes some of my favorite movie fashions, such as:

  • Audrey Hepburn’s black Givenchy dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Keira Knightley’s green dress in Atonement
  • Grace Kelly’s dress in Rear Window.

But I think the list needs some additions. Such as: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Vivienne Westwood wedding gown from the Sex and the City movie. (There was a BIRD on her head.)

Rachel McAdams disasterous spring fling dress from Mean Girls (she couldn’t fit into a size 1,3 or 5) Sissy Spacek’s prom dress from Carrie. Got any favorites to add to the list?

That Classic Look

Today’s starletts and screen sirens are taken cues from the leading ladies of the past.

Take a look:

Scarlett Johansen – Marilyn Monroe

Penelope Cruz – Sophia Loren

Gwyneth Paltrow – Grace Kelly

Kate Beckinsale – Ava Gardner

Audrey Tatou – Audrey Hepburn

The pictures are from a feature on Each modern day actress is given a detailed comparison to the classic star. You can view it here.

Imitating Classic Hollywood

I had my Senior Prom on Thursday night (6.1) and aside from being the five most pointless hours of my life, it wasn’t so bad. The best for me was the dressing up all fancy part.

Unlike most of my classmates, who were going for the Paris Hilton meets Jenna Jameson look, I didn’t go for the provacative and disgusting prom dress topped off with an orange glow fake tan. (Although it was entertaining to see those who did.)

Instead I modeled my attire after Grace Kelly.

The black dress from Rear Window was the main inspiration for my dress. And with a few updates, this is my version of 1950’s glam. (I did make sure to wear my mom’s pearls.)

I liked it. Except for the part when I had to explain my idea for dress. (“Who’s Grace Kelly?”) At least I tried.