Elvis Presley’s Filmography: Key Dates and Stray Observations

Elvis Presley – The Ed Sullivan Show, October 28, 1956

Since February, I’ve been slowly (slowlymaking my way through Elvis Presley’s filmography. The more I read about Elvis and his movies, the more necessary I feel it is to put together a post that briefly looks at his entire filmography. (Translation: I’m tired of tracking down various subpages on Wikipedia.)

There are essentially four key periods in Elvis’ film career. From 1956 to 1969, Presley starred in 31 films. 27 were released in the 1960s. I’ll wait while you process what a ridiculous number of movies that is.

What’s interesting about Elvis’ film career is that you can see how much and how quickly both the film and the music industries changed during this decade. I think David Thomson sums up Elvis’ music and film careers perfectly: “Is there a greater contrast between energy and routine than that between Elvis Presley the phenomenon, live and on record, and Presley the automaton on film?”

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