What These Character Posters Tell Us About The Great Gatsby


It must be Christmastime because there are now character posters for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby!

Because The Great Gatsby is one of those novels that every high school student in America reads, the character posters operate under the presumption that you know something about the book. So what do I know about The Great Gatsby? Basically, it’s set in New York, there are lavish parties, everyone is drunk, there is a billboard with creepy eyes that is a metaphor for a decaying society, and someone gets run over by a car. (Right? Right.)

As opposed to the many terrible character posters we saw this year, these posters have achieved something rather remarkable. They are slightly highbrow while also being wonderfully over-the-top. What else would you would expect from posters for a Baz Luhrmann movie? (Admire that trippy art-deco Mayan calendar-inspired background!) In sum, these posters are delightfully awful as opposed to tragically awful. Here’s why.

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