My Week in Film: April 1 to April 7

Here is what I watched this week.

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It’s National Kissing Day So Here’s A Kiss From Grace Kelly

It’s National Kissing Day. Facebook has decided it, so it much be true. To celebrate, here is a lesson on how you should always want to wake up from a nap if you ever find yourself with a broken leg and becoming a peeping tom.

Step 1: Wake up after noticing a suspicious shadow hovering over you.
Step 2: Realize that the suspicious shadow is not coming from that neighbor you think killed his wife.
Step 3: In fact that hovering shadow is really Grace Kelly. You lucky bastard.
Step 4: Kiss
Step 5: Accept that you are a lucky bastard. Gloat. (Now about that guy who killed his wife.)

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Tonight’s Viewing Selection

Mr Smith Goes to Washington.


Because I’m procrastinating.

Finals begin in a week. I have three presentations on Monday. A paper due Wednesday. Three more due by the 20th. And one final exam. But then I’m done.

But right now, it’s time for a little Jimmy Stewart to make school disappear.