What I Learned From… 9 to 5

I want this hat.
I want that hat and that cherry lapel pin for my Jane Fonda-Lily Tomlin-Madeline Albright Theme Parties

Once again, I’ve neglected this blog. As an apology, I’ve decided to write a new What I Learned From…

In the following post, I will reveal snarky insights about a popular movie. Several months from now, someone will stumble upon this post via the Google and think I am completely serious/clueless about the movie I’ve watched and what I’ve written. (Why else would a post on The Godfather – Part 3 from 2012 still get so much traffic?)

In anticipation of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin’s new Netflix series Aaron Sorkin inspired FanFiction Grace and Frankie, here is what I learned from 9 to 5. Continue reading “What I Learned From… 9 to 5”