Music Fix: Sara Bareilles

In 2007 I randomly saw Sara Bareilles perform. It was right before her mainstream breakthrough with her album Little Voice and the mega-single “Love Song”. At the time, my friends and I had no clue who this singer was. It was in part because the emcee of the concert, Mr. Belding (no, I’m not joking), never said her last name and because the subtle awesomeness of her performance was (literally) drowned out by the rapper that followed. Months later, “Love Song” hit the radio and I realized that I already knew who Sara Bareilles was just when everyone else was getting behind , liked her music (a lot)

Bareilles’ upcoming album is Kaleidoscope Heart. The first single from the album is “King of Everything”, another catchy kiss off song. I just watched the music video and here it is:

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Friggin Twilight

Eclipse is coming. Do you hear it? Or rather, do you hear the packs of screaming girls running towards the local movie theaters?

Last night, I watched Jimmy Kimmel Live: Twilight: Total Eclipse of the Heart. Yes, my unemployment has come to this although no one can sarcastically mock The Twilight Saga as perfectly as Jimmy Kimmel. The hour long special took place in theater where there were hundreds of screaming Twihards and Kristin Stewart was at her moody, uncomfortable best. It was during this special that Kimmel debuted a new soon-to-be classic, Friggin Twilight, starring the dreadfully awful cast of Jersey Shore.

It was at this moment that I realized that nothing can get worse than watching bad Jersey Shore parodies of Twilight. Not even Twilight itself.

Okay, well, maybe watching Jersey Shore is worse.