30 Day Film Challenge: Day 29

Your Favorite Film As A Kid

I remember that one of my birthday parties when I was probably in the third or fourth grade was a sleepover. Every girl in my class spent the night and we watched Bye Bye Birdie and Grease. The next day, after they all had left and before Grease had to be returned to Blockbuster (snaps for Blockbuster), I watched Grease no less than four times in a row. It was a VHS copy too so this was an arduous process. But man, I loved Grease as a kid and I would do anything to watch it over and over and over again.

A few years later, when I got my first portable CD player (snaps for discmans) for Christmas, the Grease soundtrack became the first CD I ever owned. I am quite embarassed to admit that know every word to every scene and song in Grease. It’s something I’ll never be able to shake because I got chills, they’re multiplyin, and I’m losin control cause the power you’re supplyin, it’s electrifyin.

Never Fear: Hairspray Is Almost Here

John Travolta (with newcomer Nikki Blonsky) on the set on the movie Hairspray. Travolta is playing Edna Turnbolt, the role originated by Divine in the 1988 movie and reprised by Harvey Fierstein on Broadway. [SOURCE]

And here’s an article from USA Today about why John Travolta was the right man for the job.