Trailer Fix: True Grit

How did I not know that the Coen brothers were remaking True Grit? John Wayne won an Oscar for his portrayal of the alcoholic sheriff Rooster J. Cogburn in 1969 western and he later teamed up with Katharine Hepburn in the 1975 sequel, Rooster Cogburn. (Yeah, lets not get into that movie.)

In the remake, Jeff Bridges is Rooster and Matt Damon is LeBouef. Hailee Steinfeld plays the all important role of Mattie Ross, a teen set on avenging her father’s death with the help of Rooster and LeBouef.

If there is one thing to be certain about this movie, it is hardly a remake of the original. More like a fresh adaptation. The film focuses on Mattie’s point-of-view, just as the Charles Portis novel it is based on. Although you can’t fault the original John Wayne version for being all about, well, John Wayne. Let’s just hope Steinfeld can carry a film; she does have to compete with Jeff Bridges after all.

True Grit releases on December 25.

Coen Brothers to adapt True Grit

Joel and Ethan Coen’s next project will be an adaptation of True Grit (1969), but their version of the film will be closer to the Charles Portis novel. John Wayne won an Academy Award for his portrayal of a US marshal in the original film but the Coen brothers adaptation will place a greater focus on the 14 year-old-girl who tracks her father’s killer along side the US marhsal.


Should be interesting. The trailer for the original movie is embedded below.  Thoughts?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Watch The Quiet Man!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by watching The Quiet Man, tonight at 8pm on Turner Classic Movies.

Also airing tonight as apart of TCM’s five-film Irish celebration: Young Cassidy, Shake Hands with the Devil, My Left Foot and Three Cheers for the Irish