TV Preview: Skins – Season 4 – “As Long As We’re All Happy”

About this time last year I became addicted to a little British teen drama called Skins. As I am a wee bit obsessed with this show, I thought I would post the trailer for the fourth season, which premieres January 28. Enjoy!

Skins (UK) Recap – What Happens at Gobbler’s End

Sorry for the late recap this week but it was such an intense episode (what else would you expect from Effy?), I took my time writing this one in order to do it justice. Now, onto the recap.
Effy is a mess. Her parents have split, her relationship with Cook is quickly fizzling out, and her real love Freddie is dating the incorrigible Katie. To make matters worse (and what I think a major issue in her life is) her big brother isn’t around anymore to help her out.

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