Skins Rewind: It’s A Wild World

Here it is. The final Skins Rewind for series 1. What’s in store for the finale? Anwar’s 17th birthday party and a whole lot of relationship drama. And lingering stares from across roadways. And trucks. And unexpected musical numbers.

If this episode doesn’t cement your love for Skins, nothing will.

This is as close to an Anwar-centric episode that we get.

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Skins Rewind: Don’t You Talk To Me Through Glass

Jal holds the group together. But who helps Jal?

Jal is the smart-talking, classical music whiz kid with on a lot on her plate. She’s a finalist in the Young Musician of the Year Competition and she’s the most responsible member of the originals Skins gang. Jal is always looking out of friends. Thankfully this week that doesn’t require her to keep Chris from gawking at Angie. This is our first real look at the only character not present during that first night of classic Skins debauchery. She’s the daughter of an emotionally distant rap mogul who doesn’t take her music aspirations seriously and the sister to two delightfully goofy goons who are also trying to please their father. Basically Jal’s just trying to keep it together before her competition but things have a way of not working out.

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Skins Rewind: Season 1, Episode 1 – The Gang’s All Here

I’m bored. What a perfect excuse for me to rewatch Series 1 through 4 of Skins. Again. (You know how I love my Skins.) First up, Series 1, Episode 1 – Tony.

In the very first episode of the series (the episode the US version would do a severe disservice to), we got our first glimpse at the original Skins gang  – Tony, Sid, Michelle, Cassie, Chris, Jal, Maxxie and Anwar.

The First Generation - Look how pretty they all are! (Ick, Sketch!)

Let’s get into it.

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