“We’re Going Home With Jodie Foster”: Quick Thoughts on The Golden Globes

As someone who consumes pop culture as if my life depends on it, there is always something to snark about after every awards show. But something remarkable happened during and after the Golden Globes last night: I was left with nothing to complain about. (Well, I could go on a rant about Argo but I won’t bore you with that.)  When the Golden Globes ended last night, I immediately reached the conclusion that it had been the most feminist awards show I had ever seen. Here’s why.  Continue reading ““We’re Going Home With Jodie Foster”: Quick Thoughts on The Golden Globes”


Two Years Post Grad: Things Are (Maybe) Looking Up

A year ago I shared everything I did in my first year of post-liberal arts college depression frustration bliss.  To recap, I wined, I dined, and I cried. Often. Sometimes I cried into bowls of delicious soup.

Being one of those recent college graduates the New York Times loves to profile is really terrible. It’s so terrible that I would wish this predicament on my worst enemy. (Please ignore that my worst enemy also happens to be someone my age so he and/or she is probably already in this predicament.)

Some good things did happen during that first year after I graduated. I went to the Kentucky Derby and I took an awkward picture with Joe Biden. But mostly I complained, lacked goals, had minor anxiety attacks, and feared for my future. In retrospect, my first-year after college was mostly great and I shouldn’t have complained (too much) about it. Because then year two happened and it was… a year… that happened.

For instance, I went to a free Blondie concert and was yelled at by middle-aged New Jerseyans sitting in lawn chairs… because I was blocking their view.

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