Films Watched: February 2012

Here is what I watched this week. Continue reading “Films Watched: February 2012”

The Elvis Files: Loving You (1957)

I have decided that watching every Elvis movie is a good idea. There are 31 movies – all musicals – in total. This project will likely drive me insane.

#2 – Loving You (1957)

I was initially concerned about Loving You. The only copy of the movie I could find was on YouTube (with an added bonus of Spanish subtitles) and that was looking like my only (terrible) option. (Of course. I have never watched a movie that has been broken up into 12 parts on YouTube.) Fortunately, I prevailed and watched Elvis Presley’s second film. Please feel free to thank me at the end of this post. Continue reading “The Elvis Files: Loving You (1957)”