Luminarium Dance Debuts “Mythos: Pathos”

(L to R) Jessica Jacob, Jess Chang, Rose Abramoff, Hannah Hildreth, Mark Kranz, and Melenie Diarbekirian in “Seirēn” for “Mythos: Pathos”. Choreography by Merli V. Guerra. Photo by Ryan Carollo.

On August 3 and 4, Luminarium Dance Company debuted its latest project Mythos:Pathos at the Center for the Arts at the Armory in Somerville, MA. The new work offers a contemporary take on lesser known characters and stories from Greek mythology. Like Luminarium Dance’s previous showcases, the combination of unique lighting design and innovative staging creates exhilarating and unexpected pieces. Continue reading “Luminarium Dance Debuts “Mythos: Pathos””

Luminarium Dance Company Showcases Landmark First Season With Y.E.S.

Amyko Ishizaki in "Upon" - Steph Hodge Photography

I never know what to expect when Luminarium Dance Company presents new work, . With every Luminarium piece I see, there is always something different and exciting evolving on the stage. Co-artistic directors Merli V. Guerra and Kimberleigh A. Holman are unafraid to take bold risks and explore multiple mediums – film, sound, design – through dance. The result, as seen in Luminarium’s recent showcase, is once again something marvelous.

Y.E.S – A Year End Show on Nov. 4 and 5 at Green Street Studios in Cambridge, MA celebrated Luminarium Dance Company’s first season. Since the company’s debut performance “Fracture” in November 2010, Luminarium Dance has presented new work at a variety of venues and festivals including Boston Center for the Arts, Mobius, and the Seacoast Fringe Festivalin Portsmouth, NH. Beyond these various shows and festivals, Luminarium also partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston to present LEAP: Leading and Engaging Artistic Pursuits.

Y.E.S. showcased the growth that Luminarium Dance has experienced throughout this formative year. The company has grown in size as have the audiences but the work remains just artistically challenging and impressive. The six pieces featured in Y.E.S. ranged in style, concept, and scope. No matter how Guerra and Holman approached their work, both choreographers seemed to be addressing one concept: how a community is created through dance.  Continue reading “Luminarium Dance Company Showcases Landmark First Season With Y.E.S.”

My Week in Film: April 24 to April 30

This is a new feature on the blog. (And hopefully one I keep up with.) In an attempt to keep busy, focused, and actual records of what I watch, I’m going to write blurbs about the movies I see every week. I would say that I am doing this  to share with my many (hah) readers the vast number of films I watch but that’s a lie. I really just want to stop watching shows about the Kardashians and serial killers. I’m worried that this combination will have a detrimental impact on my psyche fairly soon.

So, it is on, Soderbergh!

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An exploration of the self: Luminarium Dance Company Presents “Fracture”

"Experiment III (jazz on jazz)" - Photo by Christina Pong

with fractured light comes self and shadow

“Fracture,” the debut performance of the Cambridge-based Luminarium Dance Company on Friday, October 8, brought six distinct pieces which incorporated dance and film projections to the stage.

The styles, approach to the medium, and the influences of co-artistic directors and choreographers Merli V. Guerra and Kimberleigh A. Holman could not be more distinct. Through each choreographer’s three pieces for “Fracture,” Guerra and Holman left a definitive mark on the notions of human experience, self, and shadow. Guerra’s work, which integrates dance and video projection, is often reminiscent of lyrical experimental cinema as she explores ideas of memory and existence. Holman’s work, however, is unquestionably influenced by jazz – one piece was set to a Miles Davis composition – and is noticeably more dependent on light and shadows. Individually, their work would seem disconnected and unrelated. But in succession, the six pieces expressed a semblance of the human experience, stemming from this theme of “Fracture”.

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