Five Things I Like About Today (Right Now)

Hello world. As you may know, I am in the middle of a blogging marathon. Or maybe you don’t. In that case you should read some of the posts. They’re quite good but I also know the author so I wouldn’t take my opinion too seriously. Anyways, watching and blogging about 24 movies before my birthday hasn’t gone according to plan thanks to a bitch named Irene.  I still have eight movies to write about and today is my actual day of birth. But c’est la vie.

So in honor of me turning the very old age of 23 – Yes, 23 is old. I’m almost in my mid-twenties, which is almost 30, which is old. I know this because Jessica Simpson told me so on an episode of Newlyweds – these are five things I am enjoying today.

1. This clip from (500) Days of Summer that my friend Ally keeps posting on every form of social media we interact on.

2. This picture of Katharine Hepburn.

3. These two Kate Nash songs.


4. Ferris Wheels. I always end up riding a ferris wheel around my birthday. It will happen again this week. (No, it won’t be this ferris wheel.)

5. This version of “Ta ra ta ta” that I almost start dancing to on NJ Transit and then I remember that I’m on the subway


Okay, that is enough of this self-promotional blog post.

If I haven’t said it enough, thanks for reading my blog and thanks for coming back if you do. Now go enjoy your day. And maybe watch a Katharine Hepburn movie, ride a ferris wheel and eat a damn good cannoli.


Music Fix: Mina Mazzini

Last night a friend posted a clip from the 2003 Italian film, Ginger and Cinammon, on her Facebook wall. The clip features “Ta ra ta ta,” a song by Italian pop singer Mina.

When I was in college, I very briefly toyed with the idea of learning Italian. (Ultimately I decided that my GPA being decent was more important than learning a language.) That is when I first saw Ginger and Cinnamon and tons of other Italian films that I often forget that I have seen. And it also when I was first introduced to Mina Mazzini.

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