10 Years Of Movies

Every January, I go through the movie ticket stubs I acquired during the previous year and paste them into a small scrapbook. As I was going through my collection this weekend (while also ignoring the obvious signs of hoarding, of course), I noticed something. The oldest ticket stub is for Shattered Glass. I saw it in November 2003.

For exactly ten years I have been saving my ticket stubs. There are 220 ticket stubs in total. That’s seven Harry Potters, five Woody Allen movies, four Lord of the Rings, two Sex and the Citys, two Hunger Games and plenty more. Here is small a sampling of my stub collection.

1. 2003 to 2004

Shattered Glass; Lord of the Ring: Return of the King; Mystic River, Big Fish; Miracle; Jersey Girl; Mean Girls; Troy

This is the very first page from the scrapbook. I was 15 when I saw these movies. I can’t believe I saw Troy in theaters and I still can’t believe Mean Girls came out 10 years ago. Continue reading “10 Years Of Movies”

The Coolest Grave in New Jersey

“Have you seen the cool grave?” my friend Laura said to me on Monday night. “I always park by it.” I hadn’t been to this movie theater that is near Rutgers before and knew nothing about what she was referring to. There was a grave in the parking lot? I assumed she meant it was off to the side like many other old gravestones that are developed around.

Needless to say, I was curious and followed her to the back parking lot and saw Mary Ellis’ grave in front of me.

When Ellis died in 1827, she was buried on her family property that overlooks the Raritan River. Now her grave sits in the middle of the parking lot of the Loews Theater in New Brunswick.

Ellis moved to New Brunswick in 1790s. She is said to have fallen in love with a sea captain who down the Raritan and out to sea, promising her that they would wed when he returned. Every day she would ride to the banks of the river and wait for his returning ship. Eventually she purchased a piece of land that overlooked the river where she would continue to wait for the sea captain’s return until her death. (Cue the Wuthering Heights theme music.)

Overtime the property has turned over to several owners. For about twenty years it was the site of the Route 1 Flea Market. It wasn’t until the movie theater was built that the grave received the new retaining wall and this sort of idyllic setting

There is an odd significance about Ellis’ grave. She died more than 60 years before Thomas Edison and the Lumiere brothers screened their first films. Two completely different eras are just feet apart from one another.

This grave is also at the center of another piece of New Jersey folklore. The 1972 song “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)” by Looking Glass is said to be inspired by Ellis’ grave.

Imax Has Its Best Year Ever

From IMDB:

Canadian-based IMAX saw ticket sales at its giant-screen theaters soar 35 percent in 2005, largely due to the success of blockbuster films that had been converted to the IMAX format, the company said Monday. IMAX’s success was all the more remarkable given an overall 6 percent drop at the domestic box office. Leading the field for IMAX was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which earned $16 million on 89 screens, just edging out Batman Begins: The IMAX Experience, which took in $15.9 million. Both films were produced by Warner Bros. Analysts observed that since moviegoers have thereby indicated that they are willing to pay a premium for IMAX screenings, studios will no doubt be releasing additional movies in the IMAX format.

Eric Wold, an analyst at Merriman Curhan Ford & Co. in San Francisco, told today’s (Tuesday) Toronto Globe & Mail: “Most theaters can’t really compete against each other. They all offer the same movies at the same times, the same theaters and the same popcorn. They have to offer something else.”

IMAX Theaters are the perfect place to see the typical big budget and special effect blockbusters. If ever had the opportunity to go see a Harry Potter movie or any of the Lord of the Rings movies in an IMAX theater, I’d be a pretty happy. Now that would be movie magic.