Films Watched: September 2012

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What I Learned From Mystic Pizza

When I was watching Mystic Pizza for the first time in many years, something occurred to me: this movie has nothing to do with pizza. Obviously the pizza is what I focused on when I was 10. But now I am much wiser and that pizza definitely does not look appetizing. It also helps that I understand what “nympho” means. All of this has allowed me to have a more nuanced reading of this great coming-of-age film. And so, this is what I learned from Mystic Pizza.

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“What the hell do you think Leona really puts in that pizza?”

My family and I were in Mystic, CT this weekend for my sister’s college graduation.

What’s so important in Mystic?

Mystic Pizza (1988), which was set in Mystic, is the movie that launched Julia Roberts career. It’s a cool place and the restaurant is essentially a Julia Roberts shrine. Great for any film lovers.