Netflix: A Relationship Sore Spot

The NY Times has an article about Netflix and its affect on marriage. The shared Netflix queue has become a sore spot in many marriages.

But for many couples, the queue — the computer list of which films will arrive next in the mail, after those at home are returned — is as important as everything else that spouses and other varieties of significant others share, from pet names to closet space to the bathroom. For some, this is fine. For others, the queue is the new toilet seat that somebody left up.

This article, to me, is hilarious. Mostly because I don’t think I could ever share my Netflix queue with anyone. Why? I have over 250 movies on my queue and even I don’t know how they got there. So how can I ever be expected to share my queue? Besides, whoever ends up with me is one lucky SOB; my Netflix queue is epic.

Oh Netflix, How I Missed You

An Ode To My Netflix Queue

Our affair began in December.

My siblings bought me the subscription.

6 months

Two-at-a-time unlimited.

Then, all summer long, my life revolved around you.

Three-at-a-time unlimited, 9 movies a week.

I even managed to get my queue under 200.

And then my mother became a parent.

She realized that Netflix was not good for me.

She prevented me from bringing my Netflix to college.

Well, at least until the end of September.

You have no idea…

How rough these past four weeks have been on me.

I had to socialize.

I had to study.


But I survived…

And tomorrow ….

The day I’ve been waiting for….

My first Netflix arrives.

One-at-a-time unlimited (boo!)

And my queue?

It’s currently at 222.


Here are the pictures from this momentous occasion. All day I waited for this.

What could it be?