A Fond Farewell To Pottermania

Joanna’s Note: Ah, Harry Potter, so the end  really has come. The final movie in the series about a boy wizard’s quest to defeat a dark lord opened this weekend. I have yet to see Deathly Hallows. I’m waiting for the more dedicated fans of the franchise than myself to see the movie and mope about how the defining pop culture moment of their childhood is ending. (I’m just being overly cynical to mask my pain.)

I asked my friend Nicole, who you may remember from a certain Criterion Collection inspired vlog, write about her experience a very proud, card-carrying member of Pottermania. It is safe to say that she loves the beloved series far more than I do, or at least she is willing to dedicate far more time to it. That includes going to checking out the red carpet for Deathly Hallow’s NYC premiere and going to the movie’s midnight screening.

You can follow Nicole on Twitter and check out her YouTube channel where she vlogs regularly.

Nicole's Potter memorabilia
Her ticket stubs to every Harry Potter movie


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“We Were The Chosen Ones” – The End Of Harry Potter

This is just too precious.

I guess I should accept that the Harry Potter movies really are coming to an end and that this isn’t a massive fabrication. I just watched a featurette of the last days on the Harry Potter set as the cast says their goodbyes (“We always knew we were coming back and this time we knew we weren’t”). This is the most emotional I have ever gotten during a behind-the-scenes video of a film set.

Are you crying yet? If not, there’s more.

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Nine and Three-Fourths Years Later

June 12 was the last day for principal photography for the Harry Potter series…ever.

Isn’t that an odd thought? Unlike the Twilight series, which has been rushed into production and most people cannot wait to end, the now very imminent end of the Harry Potter films still seems so unlikely.

Even though I know that the films are coming to an end, I still can’t fathom a time when a Harry Potter film is not in production or about to be released. This is because the Harry Potter film franchise began in October 2000. The filming of the entire series took approximately nine and three-fourths years. I’ll take that as a sign that good things are going to come of Harry Potter, the series and its stars once Deathly Hallows is released.