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For decades, moviegoers have had a fascination with the deaths of Hollywood’s most glamorous. Cut! Hollywood Murders, Accidents, and other Tragedies takes a look at the deaths of various actors, actresses, movie moguls, singers, and directors. It features stories about James Dean, Natalie Wood, Marilyn Monroe, Irving Thalberg, Lon Chaney and every one in between.

Here is the back cover excerpt:

For over 100 years, many movie makers have a sought to explore the worst facets of human nature in their films. But in the strange world of Hollywood, sordid scandals and gruesome deaths are not limited to the silver screen. Celebrities have met their maker at the hand of murderers, and from drug overdoses, car accidents, and suicide — some going out in a flash of brilliance at the height of their career, while others faded into obscurity before dying, sad and alone.

From the premature demise of some of Hollywood’s brightest child stars to the terrible accidents that have occurred on film sets, Cut! features gripping true stories of death and despair in Hollywood. Hundreds of color and duotone images accompany the intriguing text, which includes quotes, fascinating facts, and information about the final resting places of the stars. Cut! is the definitive volume on the fleeting lives and sudden deaths of Hollywood actors and actresses, many of whom became more famous in death than they ever were in life.

Check it out. It is a fascinating read.