Imitating Classic Hollywood

I had my Senior Prom on Thursday night (6.1) and aside from being the five most pointless hours of my life, it wasn’t so bad. The best for me was the dressing up all fancy part.

Unlike most of my classmates, who were going for the Paris Hilton meets Jenna Jameson look, I didn’t go for the provacative and disgusting prom dress topped off with an orange glow fake tan. (Although it was entertaining to see those who did.)

Instead I modeled my attire after Grace Kelly.

The black dress from Rear Window was the main inspiration for my dress. And with a few updates, this is my version of 1950’s glam. (I did make sure to wear my mom’s pearls.)

I liked it. Except for the part when I had to explain my idea for dress. (“Who’s Grace Kelly?”) At least I tried.