What I Have Learned From Bella Swan (And Kristen Stewart Too)

This is the face Bella makes when her dad gives her “the talk”. I am going to do the same thing when my father finally gives me the talk.

Does Breaking Dawn: Part 2 really come out today? How did I miss that memo? Oh right…There was a hurricane and I didn’t have power for two weeks. I also don’t care. Logically, because I don’t care about this franchise, I just spent the last 48 hours watching all four Twilight movies. All. Four. Twilight. Movies.

Bella Swan is a fascinating character. I almost wish I had her guidance during high school instead of Manny Santos’s. I would have spent considerably less time contemplating getting bangs. So what did I learn from my crash course in the Twilight movies? Countless priceless lessons. There are absolutely zero spoilers in this post so please, read on.

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Trailer Fox: Twilight: New Moon

It seems all I do these days (besides figuring out when I became a senior in college) is post about New Moon. I don’t even like the Twilight franchise and I’m posting about it. You just can’t escape the dreamy gaze of Robert Pattinson.

Anyway, here is the latest and final trailer for Twilight: New Moon.

Are You Ready?

This completely gratuitous post is for my friend Erica.

If you read my Oscar live blog then you know that Erica lurves Robert Pattinson. A lot. So I have decided to post some of the pictures from Robert Pattinson’s April GQ cover. Just for you Erica, enjoy. :-)

But the real purpose of this post (other than to shamelessly post pictures of Robert Pattinson), is to post these deleted scenes from the movie:

I hope you enjoyed that, Erica. Now you don’t have to be first on line to get the DVD on Saturday ;)