Oscars 2010: Say What?

Now the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has really rubbed me the wrong way. Big time.

The AMPAS has announced plans to move all non-competitive awards including honorary awards including the Irving G. Thalberg and Jean Hersholt humanitarian awards — out of the telecast. These awards will be presented at a separate event in November, at least three months prior to the March awards ceremony.

So basically, the AMPAS is adding to the number of films nominated on Oscar night and practically eliminating its celebration of Hollywood greats. How can the AMPAS even claim to be celebrating the best in movies if it does not honor cinema’s icons on Oscar night? Can you imagine this moment, of Stanley Donen accepting his honorary Oscar, in any other setting?

I certainly cannot. This change further indicates that the AMPAS cares only about ratings and money, which makes me irritated. At next years Oscars I don’t just want to see some blockbuster that won’t matter to me in several years be nominated. I want to see the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Karl Malden, and Ernest Borgnine at the awards ceremony and be appreciated for their work, which has lasted and still resonates with audiences.