Spring Movie Preview

Premiere.com has a guide to April and May’s movie releases. Here are some of the movies they highlighted (and the ones I will most likely see).

17 Again

When: April 17
Why I’ll see it: It’s 13 Going on 30 except with Zac Efron, who is a huge guilty pleasure of mine.

The Soloist

When: April 24
Why: The trailer makes the movie look really good – or just really uplifting. And sometimes I need to see a cheerful movie.

Star Trek



When: May 29
Why: It’s a Pixar animated movie. You would be stupid not to see it. I’ll be at Cannes when it premieres. Although I probably won’t see it there, it will be cool to say that I was at Cannes when it premiered.

My Deep Space Love Confession

I love Star Trek. When I was younger I used to watch Next Generation (or maybe it was Deep Space Nine?) with my brother. While I’m not by any means a Star Trek expert (I can’t speak Klingon or anything like that), I’m excited for the new movie, which will be released on May 8.

Here is the latest trailer.