Happy Susan Boyle Anniversary

Exactly one year ago, we were introduced to a middle-aged Scottish woman with a powerful voice. The instance when Susan Boyle walked onto the stage for Britain’s Got Talent was a moment destined for YouTube history. She proved countless people (namely Simon Cowell) wrong and has gone on to win the hearts of many fans. The road to success surely hasn’t been easy for Boyle, but her story – as a reality show contestant, as a viral sensation, as a tabloid fixture – will stand the test of time.

Her performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” still gives me chills. Lin Yu Chan, you have nothing on SuBo.

The Susan Boyle Paradigm

A 47-year old Scottish woman with a non-traditional and comical look. A skeptical audience and cynical audiences. An unexpected, stellar performance. Simon Cowell’s priceless expression of surprise. You simply cannot write this moment.

Susan Boyle sudden rise to media sensation has been thrilling to watch.

Like millions of other people, I am completely engrossed by this singing sensation from Britain’s Got Talent. The video of Boyle performing “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables is moving and compelling drama. As one critic has said, the scene is like a three-act play, with Boyle emerging as the champ.

However I prefer not to theorize about why Boyle is so famous. I get it. Times are rough. The economy is in the toilet causing audiences to seek powerful stories. It’s the same theory behind Slumdog Millionaire‘s success. But does it really matter? People are watching this because it is entertaining not because there is some deeper meaning behind it all. I’d rather just watch the YouTube clip and continue to enjoy Boyle success.