One More Round

The inevitable has happened. 15 years after Rocky V, Slyvester Stallone apparently needs more money, fame, glory, whatever, and has decided to produce, direct, star in yet another Rocky movie.

This is further proof the Stallone is not really talented, not really creative, and not really worth my time. (Yet, I am going to complain for the next 2 paragraphs.) I’ll give Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise more acting/directing/obnoxious/creative crediblity than Stallone any day.

But, this Rocky will be different. Instead of “going the distance” and repeatedly screaming “Adrian!” like Rocky Balboa did in the original and then becoming a legendary boxer (or whatever he became after the third movie), this movie focuses on something to humanize the sports hero.

It deals with Rocky’s life as he is aging and widowed. (How can there be a Rocky movie without Adrian? That was the only good part about the original.) He is reluctant to get back into in the ring but he feels he has to compete in order to clear his heavy mind.

Wow. I smell crap a brewing. And shouldn’t Rocky have like a brain defect at this point in his boxing career?