Music Fix: Tegan and Sara, “Alligator”

Last Friday I caught Tegan and Sara at the Calvin Theater in Northampton. It was their first stop on their tour and probably the only concert I’ve been to where the band sounds better live than recorded. (Of course, I have seen Britney Spears “live” so I’m very jaded.)

The music video for their single “Alligaor” off of their latest album Sainthood has premiered. The song is awesome although a bit more poppy than some of their other songs. The video, however, is generating a big “Ummmm, what?”.

Is that really a choreographed dance sequence? And are they making snow angels…in piles of (what I am assuming is) sand? It’s an odd music video, to say the least. I guess this means Tegan and Sara are pop stars now…


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