The Best of Blanche

My favorite Golden Girl has always been Blanche Deveraux. Rue McClanahan, who died today at the age of 76, played the part perfectly. Golden Girls producer and writer Marc Cherry probably put it best when he said in a statement: “In the hands of lesser actresses Blanche’s vanity and sexual appetite would have been off-putting. But in Rue’s brilliant hands, that character became one of the most beloved in the history of T.V.”

R.I.P Rue and thank you for being a friend.

Bea Arthur (1922 – 2009)

Bea Arthur, the star of Maude and Golden Girls, has died of cancer. She was 86. Dorothy was always my favorite Golden Girl so this news is quite sad for me.

This is a great clip to remember Bea Arthur with. Enjoy :)

Estelle Getty (1923 – 2008)

Estelle Getty, best known for her role as Sophia Pitrello on The Golden Girls, had died. She was 84.
While Getty’s death was expected (she suffered from advanced dementia), it still saddens me. Bea Arthur might be my favorite Golden Girl, but Estelle Getty holds a special place in my heart.

You can find her New York Times obituary here.