The Five Stages of Grief, As Experienced During Liz & Dick

Lohan, I wish I knew how to quit you.

And now, a brief summary of the emotions I experienced during the last 24 hours as I watched the greatest movie event of our time, Liz & Dick. Perhaps you felt the same way.
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Remember The Parent Trap?

I stumbled upon The Parent Trap on ABC Family this afternoon and promptly had a serious case of nostalgia followed by a bout of depression. The Parent Trap seems like the least likely movie to have that affect on someone.

For starters, it stars Lindsay Lohan as Hallie and Annie, the long-lost twins who conspire to bring their divorced parents (Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid) back together. Lohan has had a notorious up and down and down career and personal life. Everything she does is tabloid fodder. Watching Lohan in 1998 and knowing what happened to her career post-The Parent Trap is incredibly upsetting.

I could sit here and mope about Lindsay Lohan’s failed and flailing career but really, she did that to herself. For me, what is more upsetting than Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap is Natasha Richardson’s role as the twin’s mother. Then this following clip was sweet and sentimental. Today it is almost gut-wrenching.

Who knew that 12 years later this charming Disney movie (and it is a great family film) would carry so much emotional weight.