The Red Shoes and Martin Scorsese

Last night, I saw a restored version of The Red Shoes. I have never seen The Red Shoes before so this was a complete treat. What made it even better though was Martin Scorsese and Thelma Schoonmaker introducing the film. The families of William Powell and Moira Sheerer were also in attendance.

Scorsese began his introduction by recounting the first time he saw The Red Shoes when he was child. Listening to Scorsese talk about his love for classic Hollywood films was a complete treat. I’m so glad I decided to ignore how exhausted I am and saw this movie.

Martin Scorsese introducing The Red Shoes

The verdict? I absolutely loved it. The dancing, the performances, the visuals – just wow. I am absolutely in awe and I can’t put into words how this film has astounded me. I’m speechless.

I don’t think anything will top this moment for me for quite some time.