Skins (UK) Recap: Things are off to a bad start

The Skins gang has returned for another season of mayhem, debauchery and all-around good fun. Series 4 began with a moment that is going to rock the group for the remaining seven episodes. Read the recap after the jump.

Things are off to a bad start

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Skins (UK) Recap – “Just care. About Me!”

Episode 7 of Skins gives us a closer look at JJ’s (played by Ollie Barbieri) life and shows us that he is more than just the third wheel in the Freddie-Cook-JJ friendship. Instead of someone one just listening to his problems, JJ is just overmedicated. His mum is overwhelmed by his autism diagnosis and can’t be bothered anymore. But most of all, JJ is tired of Freddie and Cook’s feud and just wants them to be the three Musketeers again. Easier said than done.

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